Bike Fitting & Advice

Being avid cyclist’s ourselves is one thing; but we also understand the importance of good quality products being fitted correctly. Bio-mechanically, all equipment should be correctly fitted to its user, ensuring correct use of the product to alleviating the possibility of injury. The Complete Cyclist Team is on hand, offering full bicycle set-ups in store. While performing the set-up, each specially trained staff member has a valuable opportunity to connect with our client one-on-one to fully understand what level the cyclist is on. While on the in-door trainer, we also get a good opportunity to explain all the different controls of the bike to the client in a safe environment, if they have not cycled before. We offer a comprehensive set-up with every new bike purchased through the store, at no extra charge, as well as the bike set-up being a stand-alone service we offer to any customer. Apart from being one of the many value added services, this also ensures the best comfort and performance out of the products we sell.