Technical Skill Talks

We offer a variety of different workshops and training on a regular basis. Our mechanics cover a wide range of topics on essential and basics bicycle maintenance as well as the importance of proper upkeep. These talks take place in a relaxed environment where clients can ask questions and gain a better understanding of what needs to be done to maintain and repair bicycle components properly.

Often, we use these talks to run through specific ‘on-the-bike’ education, where basic running repairs are demonstrated. During these sessions, we often relate them to multi-day events where the chance of needing this knowledge could be crucial to finishing the event. Aside from the actual event itself, this knowledge can also be use in the many hours of training done before the event.

Product Talks - New Releases

To keep our clients up to date with the latest industry developments we arrange exclusive product specific sessions with brand/category professionals. These talks are interactive and educational, so you can stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology advances.

Complete Cyclist has close relationships with the major industry suppliers and experts. This allows us to be at the fore-front of product release and developments ensuring that we are up to date with the latest and greatest for your benefit.

Nutritional Talks

Nutrition makes a big difference to your performance, endurance, speed, energy and recovery – an enormously vital role that keeps many cyclists debating what they should supplement before, during and after their rides. Although this area is a little controversial we believe that education about the body itself and specifically your own is most important. A primary understanding of the way your body’s systems works allows you to better understand what is specifically needed to give you more energy, help you feel better and fuel your body more efficiently.

Once you have gained a good understanding of the body, it will be much easier to explain why certain products are better than others and help you select what product is best for you. Our nutrition talks are preferably done by neutral professionals such as pharmacists, qualified dieticians and nutrition experts.




Demo Days

One a month, Complete Cyclist hosts a demo day at a variety of different mountain biking venues. These offer you the opportunities to test ride a variety of the latest bikes, both from Specialized and Pivot, around your local trails. This allows you to get the feel of the bikes and ensure you make the right decision when purchasing your new toy…or simply seeing how the bikes ride.

Look out in store or under the News and Events tab for when the next demo day is taking place.