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Bike Maintenance

We service all bicycle brands

At Complete Cyclist we only employ top quality mechanics who we are confident enough to put our name behind their work. Understanding the importance of an efficient workshop is crucial to any successful bicycle store, and this we take very seriously. Our qualified and skilled mechanics are not only good at what they do; they are also knowledgeable and very approachable to all our clients, which ensure trustworthy relationships. 


This is the reason we designed our workshop to be open-plan, allowing clients to speak to the mechanic while they are working. All parts used in our workshop are from leading brands, such as Shimano and SRAM, and only the best quality products are used. We also have the depth in our supply chain to source intricate and specialist parts to fit any product, making our workshop an appropriate choice destination for any cyclist.


Although we are Specialized dealers, we service any brand of bike and whether it be road, mountain, track, triathlon bike, kiddies etc, we are there to help.   


When servicing your bike, we inform you of the parts needed and the costs involved before carrying out the work. This eliminates any surprises when you arrive to pick up your bike.

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