When the trail calls, you gotta answer, which means having the right bike for the ride. That’s the Rockhopper Comp 1X, with a light, strong A1 Alloy frame, a simple, efficient single-chainring drivetrain, and quality suspension that keeps you shredding stronger, longer.


We swept aside unnecessary complexity with a simple, reliable MicroSHIFT single-chainring drivetrain. With just a single shifter to control, you can intuitively pick the right gear so you can concentrate on the trail, while the wide gear range lets you tackle the steepest climbs.


The A1 Alloy sport frame on the Rockhopper Comp 1X is built for durability and stability, with a lightweight, rugged aluminum tubeset for a smooth ride and efficient climbing. Internal cable routing offers attractive visuals and makes it easier to keep sparkling clean.

MicroSHIFT Advent 1X9 drivetrain with clutch rear derailleur to limit chain slap and derailments.

SR SunTour XCM suspension fork features size-specific travel for consistent handling.

Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes offer reliable, powerful, easily controlled braking.


  • Every rider deserves great handling. Our Sport XC 29 geometry starts with an efficient but comfortable rider position and adds steering that’s responsive when you need the bike to quickly change lines, and stable as you pick up speed.
  • Suspension is a major factor for fun and control. SR SunTour’s XCM suspension fork offers the perfect coil-sprung platform for a smooth ride, and then we add custom Multi-Circuit Damping to tune the performance to limit that annoying pogo effect while remaining responsive to small and big hits.
  • Front and rear tires do different jobs, so we picked a Fast Trak 2.3-inch rear tire for its low rolling resistance and durable, resilient casing to fend off flats, and a grippy Ground Control Sport front with more aggressive tread blocks to provide optimal steering traction in a variety of conditions.

Rockhopper Comp 1X


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