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Turbo Levo


Powerful & planted

Turbo Levo

With up to a 700Wh battery, the Turbo Levo delivers up to 5 hours of ride time. What’s more, the Smart Control feature in our Mission Control app can automatically manage the Turbo Levo’s assist level to ensure you’ll have enough power to ride as far, or for as long, as you like. Bottom line—you don’t need to worry about getting caught on the trail without enough juice to get you home.

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S-WORKS Turbo Levo

R 223 000

download (72).png

Turbo Levo Comp

R 117 000

download (7).png

Turbo Levo Expert 

R 159 000

download (73).png

Turbo Levo 

R 95 000

download (9).png

Turbo Levo Comp Carbon

R 133 000

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