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Roval - XC



SL Team LTD, SL, Carbon, 29 148

The evolution of modern cross-country mountain bikes has led to lightweight, sophisticated machinery that smudges the old boundaries about where and how you should ride. Today’s XC experience is far more capable of getting rowdy than in times past. Your wheels better be up to the task—light enough to enhance your acceleration, stiff enough to ensure your bike handles well, wide enough to pair with current tire offerings and designed with precision and durability foremost in mind.

Pricing ranges from R12 000 - R44 000

Roval - Trail


SL, SL 38, Carbon, Standard

Today’s trail bikes are capable of handling everything from mellow singletrack sessions to dropping big backcountry lines and throwing down at the bike park. Your wheels need to be able to handle all of this without any reservations. We want the strongest, best handling, most reliable wheels we can build for our bikes, so that we don’t have any excuses for bailing on that big slab feature, and so that we don’t have any long walks home followed by long downtime waiting for new wheels. We want the same for you.


Pricing ranges from R12 000 - R36 000






Real Speed For The Real World: With the Rapide CLX, we set out to build the fastest all-around wheelset that money can buy. Essentially combining the aerodynamic excellence of our time trial dominating CLX64 with the light weight and superb manners of our polka-dot jersey winning CLX32, the new Rapide CLX delivers maximum speed in real world conditions. Stellar climbing performance meets slippery aero efficiency, with confident handling regardless of wind conditions. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

R44 000



The Fastest Way To The Top: A pure climber's dream, the new Alpinist is the lightest road clincher wheelset we have ever made. Mass is the enemy of performance when it comes to climbing, nimble ride quality, and acceleration, so we pared the Alpinist down to the absolute minimum to capitalize on every precious watt of energy without sacrificing any of the strength, ride quality and durability that are crucial to long term performance and satisfaction.

Pricing ranges from R28 000 - R40 000


C 38

Smashing down the cost-of-entry barrier, the C 38 brings carbon fiber high performance to the real world. Exceptional aerodynamics, modern 21mm width, tubeless-ready, durable and lightweight, the C 38 outperforms wheels costing twice as much.

R22 000

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